Samstag, 8. Dezember 2007

Beschreibung einer Person die ich jeden Tag sehe

Da das meine erste englische Beschreibun einer Person ist (hab' das nur auf Deutsch gemacht) dachte ich mal, ich stelle es auch hier 'rein.

Copyright Sarah Ducellari

She looks a bit tired. Her always perfect – looking face isn’t any more perfect and I understand that she doesn’t have put on make-up. She looks different. Her eyebrowns are not any more, as small and plucked in a bend, that begins there were her eye begans. Today the eyebrow begann a bit beyond where the eye begins. It’s weird to see her so.

Her cheeks aren’t any more rosy, and she looks like she’s ill. But she isn’t. Her full, amorous lips were gone, and her mouth is now a line – so that it looks like she’s always embittered by everything, and even when she laughs this bitterness doesn’t go away.

When she opens her eyes her forehead is a only crease, and round her eyes, there are also this creases that betrayed not that she’s an adult and about 40 but they betrayed that she lives a live, full of emotions.

Then, she puts up the make-up again, and all this signs of live, emotion, of humaneness are gone, and I wonder why she puts it up. She isn’t ugly without that stupid make-up. She looks even more beautiful without it, because when she wears it, it looks like she’s put up a mask, where nobody can looks behind.

Only her eyes show me, that there’s a person under this mask. And when she wears this mask, she tries not to laugh, to cry, to talk a lot because all this things would ruin these perfect mask. So that she looks unresponsive.

She doesn’t wear her hair open, because a wisp of her hair, could pick on her mask. That makes her look strict and not nice and friendly as she is.

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