Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2007


Copyright Sarah Ducellari 2007

We were in Torino and went to a sort of coffee shop called „Garibaldi’s“. It was a cold night and it even snowed a bit, so that we were happy to find a warm place to get in.

It was a very small, and very cosy shop. There where those brown round-tables in it, and in the same colour couches around them, in each corner. In the middle of the room, there were chairs around this tables. About 6 people where in it, and a young waitress came directly to us, and asked what we wanted. I took a hot-chocolate.

When we sat down at the couch I took of my jacket and looked around. I loved that place! And the one and of the room, parallel to the door, there was a counter with lot’s of bins with sweets in each of them, and every of them had an other colour. On the wall behind the counter there were drinks, cocoa beans bins and artful painted crockery. I just couldn’t keep my head calm and looked all the time around. I’ve never seen such a warm, nice and cosy place in a country which isn’t my home.

The waitress came and my hot-chocolate was also in one of those beautiful and big crockeries. At first I was a bit afraid to drink out of it because I know myself and everytime I touch such beautiful things they bust, or my clothes get grimy. So I toched the warm cup slowly and drank out of it. I warpaged automatic my face. The chocolate was bitter and not as sweet as I imagined it!

„It’s real cacao without sugar, and it’s made by hand.“, my dad laughed.

For me it wasn’t funny but after some gulps I started to like it and drank all of it.

When we went out, the waitress gave me a postcard from „Garibaldi’s“ and smiled at me. I’m sure she saw how much I liked it.

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